Whether you’ve lived in Mint Hill for years now or just moved to the area, home inspections don’t have to be things you only explore during the buying and selling process of a home.

Radon tests are excellent “peace of mind” services to do every so often. Especially if you’ve not had one done before for your home.

We’ve expanded our service area to include Mint Hill, NC, and in this post we’ll highlight why folks in the area should consider us for radon testing.

Radon Testing Is Prevalent Everywhere, Surprisingly — Even Mint Hill & Charlotte

Radon is a radioactive substance found throughout the United States, and unfortunately isn’t detectable without specialized equipment.

That has meant that many homes have had radon buried in their yards for years, and the homeowners never knew it.

Radon is the #2 cause of cancer in the U.S.

That’s not meant as a scare tactic, but as a simple fact. And much as is true for all home inspection services, when it comes to radioactive substances you definitely want to hire someone specially licensed to check it out.

Radon gas can seep up through cracks in pavement and even the concrete foundation, venting into the home.

How does radon testing work?

We’ll head over to your home and carefully collect samples from around the property. From here, we send them off to an independent lab for analysis.

They’ll send us over the report, which we share directly with our customers. From there, one of two things happen:

  1. The report shows you do indeed have radon on your property, and you’ll know to what degree. We can then recommend steps for you to take to mitigate it based on where it is and how severe it is.
  2. The report is negative and you have the peace of mind knowing your property is radon-free. From there, there’s nothing further you need to do.

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