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Your biggest investment deserves the best inspection.

Nothing can ruin an otherwise great home experience faster than termites, bees or wasps, carpenter ants, rodents, or cockroaches. If you suspect you have any of these nuisances crawling around in your home, a pest inspection can help to get to the bottom of it.

Once we know for sure that you have a pest problem (and which type of pest it is) we can recommend a course of action to take care of it swiftly and affordably.

We’ll be happy to answer all of your questions and set up your appointment. We look forward to serving you soon.

Pest inspections are ideal for:

  • Removing unpleasant encounters
  • Preserving the structural integrity of the home
  • Preventing the transmission of disease
  • Avoiding costly repairs

For best results, we recommend a quarterly pest control session.

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Serving Clemmons, Winston Salem, Charlotte, and nearby areas of North Carolina.

Termite tubes above brick basement wall
Termite tubes near the air ducts

These are examples of termite tubes, which are the clearest warning signs of a termite infestation.

Termites construct these tubes out of wood, soil, and saliva, and use the tubes to safely move from place to place in their colonies. There are a few different kinds of termite tubes to look out for.

Working Tubes

These are the kind that termites typically use the most often. Working tubes connect the termite nests to their food source, and can transport thousands of termites each day.

These tubes can branch out, and the termites divide their passage between them for food or other tasks.

They are usually a quarter inch to a full inch in diameter. Typically, you will see these along basement walls and along the foundation, as well as joists, window frames, under porches, and sub-floors.

Exploratory Tubes

These are a more fragile type of termite tube because they are temporary. Termites use these while searching for food, and usually protrude from soil.

In fact, when termites build these above concrete or metal they can even extend up to 15 feet!

Most of the time these are abandoned by the time you see them and the termites have moved on to somewhere else for food. However, seeing them still indicates termites are in your home whether they are actively in the tubes or not.

Drop Tubes

Drop termite tubes look like the stalagmites hanging from the ceilings in caves. Termites build these to make it easier for them to reach their food sources, and these tubes are lighter in color than the working tubes.

That’s because drop tubes are almost entirely composed of wood the termites have gnawed away at. They are also brittle like exploratory tubes.

Swarm Tubes

Sometimes called swarm castles, termites build these structures to keep things orderly as their swarmers take off and leave the nest so they don’t create chaos for the worker termites.

These are the widest of all termite tubes. Some of them can even grow as large as 4 feet wide if the infestation is severe enough.

How Does A Pest Inspection Work?

Pest inspections, often for termites, involve a thorough review of the typical areas these nuisances like to nest and hide. Unlike a typical home inspection, a pest inspection isn’t concerned with electrical systems, plumbing, or structural matters.

Flooring, whether tile or hardwood, is a place to start because of how often termites get into the subfloors.

We’ll also inspect windows, screens, wall trim, attics, basements, sinks, and bathrooms.

When preparing for a termite inspection, please remove items from the cupboards below sinks so they are easily accessible.

If we identify the presence of termites or other pests, we’ll give you a detailed report of what we saw, how serious it seems to be, and recommendations for your next moves to alleviate the issue.

Serving Clemmons, Winston Salem, Charlotte, and nearby areas of North Carolina.

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