Mint Hill, NC has seen a sustained growth over the last 10 years, averaging 1.45% each year in terms of the population. What that looks like in more practical terms is an additional 4000 people as of 2020’s census.

For an area currently comprised of 7 neighborhoods, that’s significant.

Mint Hill is part of Mecklenburg County — within the Charlotte-Mecklenburg School District, which is one of the largest in the state. The district includes 187 schools, with a mix of public, charter schools, and private schools. (Source)

There’s plenty of opportunity for families, or even couples planning to start a family.

Mint Hill’s Real Estate Market

Anna Granger, a Realtor and Broker in the area, says that NC residents shouldn’t necessarily be concerned about changes in the real estate market negatively affecting the Mint Hill area in the coming years. As she points out, back in 2008 the middle of the country was hit far less hard than coastal areas.

A lot of what happens next will depend on mortgage rates, she explains. Right now a lot of potential sellers would also have to buy a new place in order to sell their current home.

Those homeowners might currently have low interest rate mortgages, and are currently reluctant to switch that out for the comparatively higher rates we’re seeing right now.

Otherwise, there are signs things are slowly transitioning from a seller’s market to a buyer’s market, and it will be interesting to see what develops in the Charlotte area. The real estate market always ebbs and flows, so it’s likely that the high selling prices we’ve seen over the last year or two will taper off and become more accessible.

Lake Norman Remains Among The Strongest Areas Near Charlotte

Perhaps unsurprisingly, the lake areas of Charlotte, NC have remained bustling and popular, with higher-income families moving into lakeside properties throughout the last few years.

In particular, NASCAR drivers such as Dale Earnhardt Jr., Denny Hamlin, and until recently, Joey Logano have lived in the area. Earlier this year, Logano sold his $4.3 million property to move elsewhere.

Real estate agent Josh Tucker observes that NASCAR drivers are usually looking for homes with large garages and boat docks. Lake Norman is plentiful with such homes.

To paint a perspective of just how booming this area is, consider that the Lake Norman market is now valued at $840 million, which is higher than Austin, Texas’ Lake Travis area — which itself is valued at $787 million.

Given that Lake Norman is only 20 minutes from downtown Charlotte, success in one area usually spills into the other. Lake Norman being both a popular living area as well as a scenic place to visit is good for everyone in this part of North Carolina.

Preliminary Inspections Smoothen The Charlotte Homebuying Process

Indeed, some of the properties available in Charlotte right now are new construction. But many others have been generational homes.

Any time you’re buying a home that’s been around for awhile, having a clear picture of what you’re really looking at is crucial. The earlier in the process you can gain that clarity, the more prudent you can be with your time during the search.

This is why we recommend preliminary inspections for Charlotte buyers. These inspections happen early on, during the showing, and give potential buyers a lot of information to determine whether that home is worth the next steps or not.

This creates a lot of value for those who may have narrowed their search down to a top 2-3, for instance. Suppose you are torn between them and need a tie-breaker. The results of the preliminary inspections on each can be just that, and may make one of the properties stand out.

If you’re in the market currently and want to know more, give us a call during business hours or Book Online.