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Buying or Selling A Home in Charlotte?

Our goal at Stratton Inspections, LLC is to provide homeowners and home buyers everything they need to make informed decisions.

Too often there are stories about important items missed in a home inspection that become problems for a buyer after they move into their new home.

Our comprehensive inspection process involves:

  • Assessing the condition of major appliances like furnaces, toilets, and water heaters
  • Thoroughly checking for leaks, cracks, and potential sources of water damage
  • Checking for signs of termites and termite damage
  • Inspection of electrical systems and breaker box
  • Assessment of the roof condition (via drone when needed)
  • Examination of the plumbing and HVAC systems, as well as structural areas

The Most Value For Charlotte Homebuyers

When you’re on the market for a new home and think you’ve found the one, one of the last steps is the home inspection. This is where you ensure everything is safe and that there aren’t any potential issues waiting to happen, such as water leaks, termites, etc.

Our inspections are comprehensive, and typically last at least 3 hours. We thoroughly document our findings through the process and offer same-day delivery of those reports, so you’ll know the state of things right away.

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A Dependable Resource For Realtors

Being connected to reliable contractors is how realtors of Charlotte handle the kind of volume needed to excel. When it comes to home inspections, that means someone who is both meticulous but also respectful in the presentation of the findings.

A realtor wants their clients to know the whole story, but also wants the information shared in a way that doesn’t unnecessarily affect the sale or the process. They want to know the reports are accurate and prompt, and that the home inspector will stand by their assessment.

This is how we have built our business and created the track record of grateful customers.

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Enhance Your Charlotte Home Inspection With…

Radon testing as an additional home inspection service

Radon Testing

Test for radon to ensure your family isn’t exposed to harmful radiation, which is more common than you might think throughout the U.S.

Drone photos of roof during inspection

Drone Roof Photos

If you have high slopes on your roof or a very tall house, drone photos can provide quick and easy review of your roof’s condition.

Termite damaged wood close up

Pest Inspection

Termites can cause a lot of damage quicker than you’d think. We can inspect all surfaces for signs of infestation so you can be proactive.

Serving Charlotte, NC areas such as:

  • Mint Hill
  • Matthews
  • Fort Mill
  • Pineville
  • Huntersville