At Stratton Inspections, LLC, we try to keep the pricing as simple as possible.

Our $549 home inspection special provides an accessible start for homeowners in the Clemmons/Winston Salem areas, as well as the Charlotte, NC region.

How This Home Inspection Special Works

$549 is the discounted base price, which covers a home inspection for homes up to 2000 square feet. Each additional 500 square feet beyond that is an additional $50.

This home inspection special includes:

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We take being detail-oriented and professional very seriously on all our jobs. Our relationships with homeowners and realtors is how we’ve grown over the years and what keeps us going.

Buy And Sell Charlotte, NC Homes With Confidence

We’re a local home inspection company, which means we provide the kind of personalized service some folks say is missing from national chains.

Our Google reviews and realtor relationships speak for themselves. Home buyers can acquire their new homes with confidence, knowing they have the full story.

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How Much Are Home Inspections In Charlotte, NC Specifically?

We don’t alter our pricing per region, though in some cases Charlotte homes are larger than ones in other areas and therefore end up costing a little more for the home inspection. (Sheerly due to square footage.)

After all, the average size home in Charlotte, NC is 2049 square feet according to That’s just over our base pricing.

Here’s some info about major regions in Charlotte: